Hamilton Benefits Group

Project Brief

My client wanted a beautiful website that was clean, sophisticated, and modern. Hamilton Benefits Group was a brand new insurance company, so it was important to show potential customers that they were credible, professional, and experienced. This is the closest I’ve gotten to being a unicorn, as I was responsible for brand identity, logo design, web design, and web development for this completely freelance project while backpacking around Asia.

Role and Scope
Logo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design and Development


Building from the client's vision

I wanted to create an identity for Hamilton Benefits Group that elicited a sense of professionalism and trust. After many questions with the client about what they were trying to achieve and how they wanted to make their audience feel, I went with the direction of bridges and mountains: building bridges to fill the gaps, and climbing mountains to achieve something. These ideas were reflected throughout the website, with photos of mountains and bridges and a warm blue and gold color palette. While designing the logo, I manipulated the 'H' to make the middle look like the peak of a mountain, while also mimicking a bridge. The new brand identity captured Hamilton Benefits Group’s essence of holding others up and helping them to reach their goals.

Web Design

After establishing very clear branding guidelines with my client, I was able to set the tone for the rest of the design of the website: structured and architectural blocks for sections of the website inspired by the bridge theme, warm-toned images of the outdoors, and illustrative designs that brought a modern touch.

Responsive Design


I took on this project while I was traveling abroad not only to keep my mind active with design and development, but also to see if freelancing as a nomad was feasible. Though spotty wifi was an issue in remote locations, there were no problems keeping my client updated and staying on track with the timeline. Managing the web design and development process while on the go was not difficult, as I found myself in co-working spaces and cafes across Asia when I had the time and energy to get in the zone.

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