NCAA March Madness Live

Project Brief

Major broadcasting company, Turner Sports, wanted to redesign the Windows mobile and desktop applications for the NCAA March Madness Tournament for spring 2015. The existing app deviated too much from its iOS and Android counterparts, and it was important to our client to maintain cross-platform parity. I joined the team as the lead designer, responsible for redesigning parts of the app for the Windows platform. I oversaw the new home screen and team page features, all while staying true to the existing MML design style.

Windows 8 Mobile and Desktop Apps
Role and Scope
UX, UI, Visual Design
With Will Allan, Ian Birnam, Andy Caldwell, Craig McWherter, and Jolie Nazor at Vertigo

The Challenge

Inheriting legacy and making it still work

It was very important to our client that the new Windows app maintain the same design style as its iOS and Android counterparts. However, it's not so simple— taking that design and slapping it onto a Windows device is not going to work. There are different design patterns for each platform. For example, and most notably, Windows platforms do not allow for any vertical scrolling, and all of the content on the iOS and Android platforms utilizes exactly that. It was also important to maintain the grid-style approach that all Windows apps follow.

Tablet UI

Team Page Designs

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